“Kare” to Keratin?

Vee: We braved the world of DIY Keratin Treatments today!!! If you are not familiar with keratin treatments or “hair smoothing”, it basically is a treatment to calm unruly hair to restore and restructure it by infusing it with different elements. Victoria has curly, fine hair or as she says, “nappy and gross.” It had been over 6 months since her last treatment and frankly the COST of the treatment is what has delayed this MAJOR need lol. So, after a few text messages throughout the week, a YouTube video or two, we took on this DIY beauty need.
Victoria purchased the treatment on Amazon which is called GK Juvexin. It costs $115 for a 10 ounce bottle. The clarifying shampoo was from Sally’s Beauty Supply. With 10 ounces of treatment, the number of treatments will vary depending on the type of hair. For Victoria’s hair, we used about 1/6 of a 10 ounce bottle. She has shoulder length hair and it’s also is color treated.
I (Vee) did the treatment for Victoria. We started with shampooing her hair 3 times with Clarifying shampoo. After this, we separated her hair into 3 sections per instructions but I found that those 3 sections will actually have to be divided into smaller sections to be able to get the treatment on each strand. We used a fine tooth comb to go through the hair to remove excess product. After going piece by piece with the treatment, I dried the hair with the treatment still in it. Once dry, I went piece by piece again with a flat iron to seal the treatment. Overall, it took me about 2 hours.
Overall, her hair is VERY SOFT!!! This process was VERY SIMPLE and you can do this FOR SURE at home. A few things that we should point out is that the smell was a bit strong and it irritated our skin a bit. I used gloves the whole time but a few specs of treatment landed on my arms and it was a pretty itchy. Bottom line ladies, DO THIS AT HOME!! Don’t pay $300+ for this treatment. Grab your bestie, some tunes on Spotify, maybe a drink or two (AFTER) and beautify yourself!!


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