Shots, shots, shots…EVERYBODY!!

(Vee)  As most people in my life know, a few years ago, I had some major health issues that popped up out of nowhere.  While most were found to be autoimmune issues, one major culprit reared its ugly head and compounded my issues… FOOD ALLERGIES!

After a trip to the allergist, they concluded that I am allergic to what I felt was EVERYTHING!  On the “hives test chart”, my doctor scored the allergic responses on a scale of 1-4 with 1 being no allergy and 4 being a full allergy with a possibility of an anaphylactic response.  My allergies tested between 2-3 on almost everything.  The doctor told me I had to watch out for “combinations” of foods as 2 “2’s” or 2 “3’s” could cause me issues…. Lovely…

For about a year and half I was STRICT on my diet.  I ate sooo carefully and immediately started noticing my body responding not only to the new “diet” I was on but of course, I felt overall better.  While proud of myself for turning the corner in my health, I was starting to get annoyed about living in the shackles of my food prison.  I started eating things I KNOW I should not eat and just suffered through the responses I would get from my body because I missed foods I grew up eating.

Now 3 years later, I am struggling again with allergic responses to food but now I am seeing foods that I did NOT test as allergic to 3 years ago causing me issues.  I am heading to my allergist today to become a pin cushion and see what has changed.  My doctor has told me that over time you can “grow out of allergies” or your “allergies can change or evolve” and I think that is what is happening with me.

Overall, food allergies are very hard to live with and are VERY dangerous for those who suffer with it.  We have to be careful for ourselves but also be extremely careful for those who suffer with it.  I am hopeful that I don’t have to change my life again but if I can stop this roller coaster of the ups and downs of the allergy response, I think it is time to STICK TO IT.

Let’s see what happens today…  Stay tuned.


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