Wanna be startin something..

Vee: Like all women, I have struggled with my weight, weight loss, diet and exercise and frankly just STICKING to a regimen of any kind for my body.  I spend more time griping about how I “don’t like how my clothes fit” than doing anything about it.

After thinking this through OVER and OVER again, I realized that I spend more time fixating on what I have to “remove” from my life instead of what I need to add to be more healthy.  I have strongly felt that any woman can be beautiful at any size and what we should focus on is being healthy and happy.  While I would love to walk into a store and purchase a size 4 top or bottom, it is probably never going to happen. Not because I don’t work hard enough at it, but because my body just isn’t built that way.  Now, can I stop eating fast food on Sunday’s because I do not want to cook? Yes… Can I stop skipping meals because I am busy? Yes….  Can I stop working too many hours in a week? Yes….

So after a conversation in the kitchen with Victoria (oh the irony in that sentence), I decided I am going to focus on ADDING 3 keys things for my new healthy lifestyle instead of focusing on what I CANNOT have anymore.  1, add 3 miles of walking/running/jogging at least every other day.  2, add 30 minutes of sleep/rest to my day. And 3, make better decisions when eating.

To me, it really boils down to making good decisions for my body, not my “waistline”.  I am happier when I get ample sleep. I am have more energy when I work out.  I feel better if I don’t eat the entire loaf of bread at Outback.  Instead of saying, “I am not going to drink alcohol except every other Tuesday and only on a Friday where I wear Red” or “NO MORE CARBS”, I am simply going to add those 3 elements to my life and see where it takes me.

Women struggle with this daily and I will be very open and honest about my struggled and hopefully, it will lead to all women feeling more rested, happy, and beautiful inside and out.



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