Shots, shots, shots… – UPDATE

Vee Before I go into a Benedryl coma, I wanted to update everyone on my allergy tests today.  After 100 shots/pokes I found that I am still allergic to about 7-8 foods, newly allergic to 10+ foods and miraculously NOT allergic to 8+ foods anymore. How does this happen??

Per my doctor, when you find out you are allergic to a food and stay away from it for a long period of time, you start to develop immunity to the food and if you don’t have strong allergic reactions to them to begin with, you can “grow out of it”.  This completely perplexed me.

I also found out that I have pretty strong allergies to food additives like sulfates.  Per my doc, this is in TONS of food and is even sprayed on produce to keep it fresher longer. His recommendations… Go organic, eat fresh food, stay away from canned or pre-cooked foods.. Lovely.  I will have to go back for more testing on chemicals you can find in your everyday products like lotions, deodorant, fragrances, and soap.  Needless to say, I have some pretty serious allergies.  Next stop for me… Purchase a bubble and live in it. 

I called Victoria in total stress and frustration and after a few “OMG’s” and “UGH’s”, I realized that it is goes back to making better decisions for my body.  Simply put, I have to take this list and act accordingly.  I have to love and care about myself enough to avoid foods that can cause me issues and focus on being healthy.  This is not going to be easy but making better decision for my health is really a no brainer.  Bottom line…. I am committed to my health and with this new information, I can focus on living a better life for me. 

This post is based on my (Vee) medical conditions and is not giving any medical advice or counsel. Please consult a physician for information based on your medical needs.  


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