No Heat Beach Waves

(Vee) Like most women, I dread having to do my hair every morning not only because it is time consuming but because I don’t like using irons or lots of product in my hair.  So, to create that beach wave natural look without any tools, I do the following:

This is what my natural hair looks like naturally (I let it air dry completely to avoid breakage)


I start by twirling my hair very tight away from my face


So that I am able to actually sleep, I pile the twirls into buns on top of my head. You can separate your hair into more pieces for more waves.  I prefer two for this look.

BW3 now, get some sleep…..

The next morning, I took down the clips and started shaking my hair out.

BW4 BW5 To tame it, I used a bit of Biosilk to help with some random frizzies that popped up. Simply pull at different pieces and strands to set them in place.  I used a gentle mist hair spray to keep it set and…….

BW6…….Viola!  Simple beach waves with no heat.

If your hair does not have a bit of natural wave, put some mousse on your ends and allow to air dry.  This will help set the waves.  Enjoy dolls!


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