Monday Morning Simplicity

(Vee) I don’t about you, but Monday mornings are the hardest day of the week for me.  When that alarm goes off, the LAST thing I want to do is get ready for work.  I want to be comfortable yet stylish so that I can start my week with ease.  I find that layering is always the easiest way to change up an outfit or jazz up an old blouse.  I am not a fan of much pattern but I will wear it if I can layer a sweater on top of it.  Throw on a bulky necklace and viola!!! Monday Morning Simplicity with ease.


Pattern Top:  Lauren Conrad Butterfly Blouse-Kohl’s-around $20

Sweater:  Ruffled collar sweater-NY&C Outlet-$15

Pants:  NY&C 7th Avenue Pant-$39.95

Necklace:  NY&C-$5.99 (during sale)

Lastly, yet MOST importantly, I hate doing my hair on Monday, lol. Victoria was my inspiration for this do’ as she attempted it while sitting at a restaurant this weekend (yes, we randomly do hair do’s in open settings, lol).  This is a simple twist on a braid.  Simply pull you hair to one side and braid it down.  Once complete, pull down on of the 3 strands while pushing up the other 2 towards the base of the braid.  Once in place, bobby pin around it.  This hairstyle took, me about 7 mins.  You can pin up the loose portions but I chose to leave it down for dimension.

O5-Hair Side Angle O5-Hair-Back

Happy Monday Dolls!!!


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