Rosacea and Eucerin…. The Perfect Couple?

(Vee) I have started to struggle with my rosacea again.  For a few years, it seemed dormant and never bothered me but with my food and chemical allergies in an aggravated state, it has thrown my rosacea into full chaos.  Everything bothers my face right now.. heat, food, cold, alcohol, and even working out.  My skin turns red, small little acne-like bumps appear and my entire face starts to itch like crazy!!  After talking to Victoria and standing in the lotion isle for about 15 minutes reading bottles, I decided to try Eucerin – Skin Calming Daily Moisturizing Creme.


I have done this so far for 1 week.  Here are my results:

Left Side Right Side

While it is not ALL gone, I have seen a VAST improvement and the lotion moisturizes my face enough without making it feel slimy or sticky.  My face still has it “itchy” moments but it is tolerable.  I am VERY happy with this lotion and will continue to use it.  Stay tuned for more updates and week two visuals!


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