Stitch Fix – Your own personal stylist

(Vee) I am SO happy to be back on the blog again.  Missed you Dolls!  As you can see from our blog, we LOVE LOVE clothing but sometimes, finding the time and also varying styles can be a challenge.  So many stores seem to have the EXACT same thing and it can be a bit frustrating. I wish that I could be like the movie stars and have someone that picks out my clothes based on what I like, what fits my body type, and a style that looks like it fits me.. Well, my own personal style guru (Victoria) showed me Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling service for women.  Here is the skinny on this site.  One, it is $20 a month for “membership”.  Two, you get 5 items per month or any any frequency you want, picked out for you by your own personal stylist.  Three, you don’t have to buy anything if you do not want to and whatever you do not want, you just send it back.  So, I signed up in December and waited till my “fix” came on Jan 15th.  Here is what I received…

Everything came in a perfect box. 🙂


With every item they send you, you also receive style cards that show you how to wear the item two different ways……


Here are the items I received…

FullSizeRender   This blouse was super cute but this material doesn’t give at all and it was too tight around my chest. The blouse was $48.. I bit pricey for my taste.

IMG_0165   I LOVED THIS VEST!!  It has this faux leather lapel that is awesome.  While the cost was $68, and I am not too keen on anything north of $30, this vest was perfection and I had to have it.

IMG_0166 I loved this blouse.  It was $58.  I am obsessing about animal patterns on clothing these days but this too was too tight around the chest for me.  This material FRUSTRATES me!!!.

IMG_0168  Super cute blouse but waaaaay too big. It was $48.  Again, same material.. ANNOYED!

I was also sent a necklace but I had something exactly the same.  Overall, I liked the clothing but not enough to keep all of it.  I sent my stylist a note that I did not want anything in that material again so let’s see what happens.  My next fix is scheduled to come on Feb 15th so I will post pics when it comes in.  I like this service so far but it is definitely too early to tell.  Stayed tuned dolls!!


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