About the Blog:
This blog began over hundreds of text messages between us.  We spent hours talking about the best deals for clothes, products, and even health and wellness ideas.  What we thought would be a creative outlet for us both has turned into a love of all things Vee and Victoria.

We’d like to start by saying “We are all human beings.” It’s our belief that nobody in the world is better than anybody. No matter how rich, how poor, how skinny, how curvy, introverted, extroverted, glamorous or naturally beautiful you are. We are all unique in our own way, just like the stars in the sky! Life is a short journey not to create who we are, but to actually find out who we are.

With this blog, we are letting OUR stars shine bright!

About Vee:
I love long walks on beaches and good glass of wine, JK.  Let’s be real here….  Hello!!  My name is Vee.  I am an HR Director by day and a lover of all things health/beauty/fashion by night (and maybe during the day too).  I have an amazing husband and sweet puppy that I call my family.

About Victoria:
Who Am I? My name is Victoria… I am a mother to a 20 something, a wife – going on 16 years, digital artist and designer and a Super Ninja in all thrift stores!!


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