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Repair for your Hair

(Vee) I have recently ventured into the world of coloring my hair and I am LOVING it!!  My stylist has picked the right highlight color and does the right amount and I am so happy!!!! But of course, we all know that with coloring you hair comes the possiblity of damage. I have pretty strong hair and thus far have faired well in my coloring but this time, I noticed some drying after my third round of highlights. 

I have very curly, fine hair around my hairline and it was that hair that I noticed that either dried or sustained some small damage in this last go round. I headed to HEB and spent about 25 mins in the shampoo and conditioner isle reading almost EVERY back label of every deep conditioner while googling their reviews and found this one….


The cost of it was a whopping $1.99 which surprised me and you buy them separately. I purchased 3 of them and figured I would do them every other week for the next month of so. I did one treatment and saw my hair look instantly softer. Excuse the “selfie” in my first shot (had to send my new do to my cousins lol) 😂❤️

The front of my hair is where I saw the large amount of dryness and I saw it instantly look smooth and soft. It didn’t weigh my hair down or make it heavy which a lot of conditioners can do. There also wasn’t a build up on my scalp either. Again, all positive!!! 

This is my hair now 4 days later and 4 washes later and styled.
Overall I am very happy with this product and LOVE that it is so cheap!!! Again, I found it at HEB and it was $1.99!! My hair is super soft and feels awesome. I will post a follow up next week to show you how my hair is doing with another treatment.  Happy healing your hair dolls 💋❤️


On the chopping block…

(Vee) After growing my hair out for over a year and half, I am about to chop my locks off! Here is the color and length of my hair now..

My goal today is to get something cute, simple and manageable. Picking a style for my face is key for me. I have a round face so it’s important that the cut doesn’t accentuate the roundness of my face but elongate it. Color is important for me as well as I don’t want to drown out my complexion.  Also, I have such dark hair that growing out roots with highlights looks TERRIBLE so I have to be mindful of that.  Now, thanks to a 40 minute text message convo with Victoria sharing pics, ideas, and suggestions, I have narrowed it down. 

I realized I stopped styling my hair over the past two months and it’s literally bc it takes FOREVER TO STYLE!! My hair holds water like a camel so blow drying plus styling literally takes over an hour! To save time in the morning, I am just putting it up in a ponytail or bun to manage it. Because I have such thick hair, I have to use three hair ties to hold it up and in the process, give myself an eye lift from how tight it is, LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have very thick hair so I’m not complaining, but I am definitely looking forward to being able to style only half of the hair I have now lol. 

Stay tuned for pics!!! 😍

Monday Morning Simplicity

(Vee) I don’t about you, but Monday mornings are the hardest day of the week for me.  When that alarm goes off, the LAST thing I want to do is get ready for work.  I want to be comfortable yet stylish so that I can start my week with ease.  I find that layering is always the easiest way to change up an outfit or jazz up an old blouse.  I am not a fan of much pattern but I will wear it if I can layer a sweater on top of it.  Throw on a bulky necklace and viola!!! Monday Morning Simplicity with ease.


Pattern Top:  Lauren Conrad Butterfly Blouse-Kohl’s-around $20

Sweater:  Ruffled collar sweater-NY&C Outlet-$15

Pants:  NY&C 7th Avenue Pant-$39.95

Necklace:  NY&C-$5.99 (during sale)

Lastly, yet MOST importantly, I hate doing my hair on Monday, lol. Victoria was my inspiration for this do’ as she attempted it while sitting at a restaurant this weekend (yes, we randomly do hair do’s in open settings, lol).  This is a simple twist on a braid.  Simply pull you hair to one side and braid it down.  Once complete, pull down on of the 3 strands while pushing up the other 2 towards the base of the braid.  Once in place, bobby pin around it.  This hairstyle took, me about 7 mins.  You can pin up the loose portions but I chose to leave it down for dimension.

O5-Hair Side Angle O5-Hair-Back

Happy Monday Dolls!!!

No Heat Beach Waves

(Vee) Like most women, I dread having to do my hair every morning not only because it is time consuming but because I don’t like using irons or lots of product in my hair.  So, to create that beach wave natural look without any tools, I do the following:

This is what my natural hair looks like naturally (I let it air dry completely to avoid breakage)


I start by twirling my hair very tight away from my face


So that I am able to actually sleep, I pile the twirls into buns on top of my head. You can separate your hair into more pieces for more waves.  I prefer two for this look.

BW3 now, get some sleep…..

The next morning, I took down the clips and started shaking my hair out.

BW4 BW5 To tame it, I used a bit of Biosilk to help with some random frizzies that popped up. Simply pull at different pieces and strands to set them in place.  I used a gentle mist hair spray to keep it set and…….

BW6…….Viola!  Simple beach waves with no heat.

If your hair does not have a bit of natural wave, put some mousse on your ends and allow to air dry.  This will help set the waves.  Enjoy dolls!

Keratin Treatment | Follow up

Before:                                       24 hours After Keratin Treatment:
2014-12-08 12.03.0620141208_114947

Victoria:  I’ve been a HUGE Keratin junkie for about the last 3 years.  I’ve had it done at a salon (Brazilian Blowout) I’ve done the treatments on myself (arms nearly fell off!) and I’ve had friends apply the treatment for me.  The latter is my favorite option:)

It’s only been about 24 hours since Vee applied the Keratin treatment for me.  I’m already obsessing over the greasy feeling!! However, I CAN LIVE through this torture by focusing on the MONTHS of frizz free hair!

My hair is looking pretty dirty, heavy and greasy!  Will update after first wash and blow dry:)


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my silky, wavy hair! I let my hair air dry (after waiting 72 hours to wash it) and I have about 90% less curl and frizz! I’m so happy with the results, especially considering I saved hundreds of dollars by purchasing this myself and having Vee apply it for me.  I estimate to get about 5 to 6 treatments from the 10 oz. bottle I purchased on amazon.
I did hit my hair with a curling wand this morning to add a little more bounce around my face:)

“Kare” to Keratin?

Vee: We braved the world of DIY Keratin Treatments today!!! If you are not familiar with keratin treatments or “hair smoothing”, it basically is a treatment to calm unruly hair to restore and restructure it by infusing it with different elements. Victoria has curly, fine hair or as she says, “nappy and gross.” It had been over 6 months since her last treatment and frankly the COST of the treatment is what has delayed this MAJOR need lol. So, after a few text messages throughout the week, a YouTube video or two, we took on this DIY beauty need.
Victoria purchased the treatment on Amazon which is called GK Juvexin. It costs $115 for a 10 ounce bottle. The clarifying shampoo was from Sally’s Beauty Supply. With 10 ounces of treatment, the number of treatments will vary depending on the type of hair. For Victoria’s hair, we used about 1/6 of a 10 ounce bottle. She has shoulder length hair and it’s also is color treated.
I (Vee) did the treatment for Victoria. We started with shampooing her hair 3 times with Clarifying shampoo. After this, we separated her hair into 3 sections per instructions but I found that those 3 sections will actually have to be divided into smaller sections to be able to get the treatment on each strand. We used a fine tooth comb to go through the hair to remove excess product. After going piece by piece with the treatment, I dried the hair with the treatment still in it. Once dry, I went piece by piece again with a flat iron to seal the treatment. Overall, it took me about 2 hours.
Overall, her hair is VERY SOFT!!! This process was VERY SIMPLE and you can do this FOR SURE at home. A few things that we should point out is that the smell was a bit strong and it irritated our skin a bit. I used gloves the whole time but a few specs of treatment landed on my arms and it was a pretty itchy. Bottom line ladies, DO THIS AT HOME!! Don’t pay $300+ for this treatment. Grab your bestie, some tunes on Spotify, maybe a drink or two (AFTER) and beautify yourself!!