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Repair for your Hair

(Vee) I have recently ventured into the world of coloring my hair and I am LOVING it!!  My stylist has picked the right highlight color and does the right amount and I am so happy!!!! But of course, we all know that with coloring you hair comes the possiblity of damage. I have pretty strong hair and thus far have faired well in my coloring but this time, I noticed some drying after my third round of highlights. 

I have very curly, fine hair around my hairline and it was that hair that I noticed that either dried or sustained some small damage in this last go round. I headed to HEB and spent about 25 mins in the shampoo and conditioner isle reading almost EVERY back label of every deep conditioner while googling their reviews and found this one….


The cost of it was a whopping $1.99 which surprised me and you buy them separately. I purchased 3 of them and figured I would do them every other week for the next month of so. I did one treatment and saw my hair look instantly softer. Excuse the “selfie” in my first shot (had to send my new do to my cousins lol) 😂❤️

The front of my hair is where I saw the large amount of dryness and I saw it instantly look smooth and soft. It didn’t weigh my hair down or make it heavy which a lot of conditioners can do. There also wasn’t a build up on my scalp either. Again, all positive!!! 

This is my hair now 4 days later and 4 washes later and styled.
Overall I am very happy with this product and LOVE that it is so cheap!!! Again, I found it at HEB and it was $1.99!! My hair is super soft and feels awesome. I will post a follow up next week to show you how my hair is doing with another treatment.  Happy healing your hair dolls 💋❤️